2015 International Symposium on Business and Social Sciences (ISBASS)

April 21-23, 2015

Rhombus Fantasia Chengdu Hotel, Chengdu, China

Keynote Speaker

Stacey Jocoy
Associate Professor
Texas Tech University, USA

Topic: Tools for Teaching the Research Process: Problem-based Learning Strategies across Educational Platforms

This presentation centers on the concepts, but more importantly the integration of problem-based learning strategies into educational formats across academic platforms. Although traditional classroom structures have been the locus for most learning strategies in the past, educators today face more options. This can be understood to widen our possibilities for integrating aspects of the professional research process into our curricula. Classroom or virtual, traditional or “blended” learning environments can all benefit from the incorporation of modified problem-based learning tactics. Focusing on the uses of student-led teams and concepts borrowed from gaming environments, this presentation offers practical suggestions to invigorate students with meaningful, discipline-centered research methods.

Brief Introduction of Dr. Stacey Jocoy

Dr. Stacey Jocoy is currently Associate Professor of Musicology at Texas Tech University, School of Music. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Her major research areas highlight the intersections of social structures including politics and religion with historical aesthetics and musical performance in early modern Europe. Research interests in early modern pedagogical methods have motivated her toward a reassessment of modern collegiate teaching methods, especially those involving survey courses and online learning environments.

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April 21-23 2015 Chengdu Conference Program

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