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Kitakyushu is the northernmost city of Kyushu and has been an important hub for both land and marine traffic since olden times. It is the gateway between Honshu and Kyushu, as well as an important port for international trade. The city was formed in 1963 with the merger of five independent cities, namely, Kokura, Moji, Yahata, Tobata and Wakamatsu. It is very much an industrial city, contributing to the manufacturing capabilities of Japan.

Popular Spots

 Kawachi Fujien Wisteria Garden
Kawachi Wisteria Garden is a private garden in the wooded hills south of central Kitakyushu, famous for its spectacularly presented, large numbers of wisteria flowers. 
 Space World
Space World is a big amusement park located in Kitakyushu. It boasts over 30 attractions, ranging from mild rides suitable for children to exciting ones for thrill seekers. One key feature is "Venus GP", a roller coaster that twists and turns around a huge model of a space ship, making a 360 degree loop in the process. 
 Kokura Castle
Kokura Castle was built in 1602. It was destroyed by fire in 1866, and the current castle tower is a ferro-concrete reconstruction from 1959. 
 Yawata Steel Works
Located at a key junction of land and sea traffic, Kitakyushu is one of Japan's leading industrial centers and a hub of domestic and international trade. The city is home to a variety of industries, and visitors are sure to spot the numerous mills, factories and refineries lining the sea shore.

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